25onehundred is a social impact company. With the focus on youth empowerment, we are investors, venture and solution creators. With a strong passion for education, we are committed to solving the 10 largest challenges in the world.


We empower the next-gen to create future solutions through intergenerational collaboration.

Our participation, learning, and co-creation strategy aims to create impactful enterprises that can make a difference in a new impact economy, as well as guide young individuals to find their true passion.

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It all starts with Feeling an inner impulse, a desire to extend your horizon.

This then can lead you to feel the power of Exchanging ideas and visions.

And you will start understanding that Creating is the basis of change or impact.

Making Impact shows your responsibility for the world and motivates others to explore their own boundaries.

You are offered to participate in Experiencing this atmosphere of creation, inspiration and innovation which impacts you.

Coming into us, you might feel Inspired by others, by fascinating projects, by the creativity of the youth.

And this gives you the opportunity of Learning what this world has to offer, free from performance pressure.

By Empowering your true skills and passion it will help you understand that each individual in society counts.

Your idea will become reality. Building your project, company or your professional career, will lead others the way to also start creating.



At our company's core lies an intergenerational and, at the same time youth-oriented manifesto, that underlines the necessity for a bridge between the youth and companies, governments, NGO’s and society. Through this, 25onehundred aims to become an opinion leader. 


We are doing this out of Greece.


25onehundred enabled its young people to build a start-up company that will empower, innovate, educate, inspire and encourage impact.


Periodically, the company will re-invest parts of its profits in the projects that promote this empowerment, offering young people the opportunity to become leaders and create businesses with impactful and sustainable foundations.


We believe that laying the right foundations, when building up a company is crucial, so we base ours in

the combination of economical success, environ-

mental awareness and social impact.

We planted the seed of impact.

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To be the largest intergenerational social impact youth empowerment company.


To co-create a youth-oriented intergenerational social impact company inspiring youth to achieve their true potential and develop their ideas in the face of global environmental, socio-economic, and political challenges. 


As the custodians of tomorrow, we feel responsible for the future to come. Adjusting ourselves and leading the way how we want to see the world is key. We have set our core values around how we believe this company should run and be presented to the outside. 


Constantly Evolving 


Harmony & Balance 

Balance with Nature 

Youth Oriented

For Purpose