Mazí Mas


A place that celebrates inspiration, learning, and impact — together! 

Welcome  to the learning community campus for youth empowerment outside traditional, educational pathways. Mazí Mas campus is like a utopia come true. Its breathtaking and groundbreaking architecture creates the perfect atmosphere to inspire impact, innovation, and intergenerational collaboration.  

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Referring to the ancient heritage of a cultural center, Greece is now the center of intergenerational innovation hosting the Mazí Mas campus at the physical headquarters of 25onehundred. The campus not only became the innovation hub for young generations from all over the world and all kinds of cultural and social backgrounds but also garnered attention by becoming one of the top tourist attractions in Greece. It owes this feat to its unique combination of integrated architecture, self-supplying energy systems, and technological achievements in sustainability Being able to target all aspects of everyday life make it a magnet for science enthusiasts, inspiration seekers, tourists, and everyone who seeks to connect and experience the power of connecting people.



Impact lies at the heart of 25onehundred. At Mazí Mas campus we invite young people and the whole community to bring their ideas into reality and create a positive impact.



Mazí Mas creates an exceptional atmosphere of a safe and trustworthy space together with opportunities for challenges and self development.  



At our campus, we embody a collaborative, intergenerational and interdisciplinary community offering learning opportunities for everyone.



Groundbreaking, innovative, green technology combined with integrated elements of nature and ancient wisdom of Greece.

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The holistic nature of a learning environment is a key factor in how humans interact and involve themselves in creating positive change. 

Stimulated by its very own aesthetics, Mazí Mas creates an exceptional atmosphere of safety and trust, while encouraging self-exploration, self-empowerment, and self-responsibility.

Here, individuals and their perspectives are taken seriously, fostering the means to make a difference in our current reality.


A great combination


Here impactful innovation for society will take place in combination with knowledge and experience of older generations and representatives from various disciplines. 

Tailored programs 


Through hands-on participation of individually tailored programs, courses, seminars, and training of different time frames and intensity, they can turn their passions into action.

Getting a clear direction 


The Campus will include a “Gap School” for Young People after High-school, during or after their secondary education. They will go through additional creative & impactful learning, to find a clearer direction for their future, or to become a Young Impact Maker.

Creating impactful realities 


The longer or more often a young person is part of the Campus, the more she/he is full of ideas, projects or start-up concepts. In our different Labs, they will be mentored, get advice, will find exchange partners to make what they had in head and heart real, to bring it to an impactful finish.


The Mazí Mas Campus is about change - Lifelong!

Mazí Mas is like a Chameleon: a growing organism, in a continuous learning process, permanently changing, a never-ending continuum.