After every day, the twilight realm heralds the night.

When the night falls, I fade into twilight.

I can see the hands of my watch silently slow down.

Infinite black holes form in my eyes and consume myself.

The realm of twilight is nigh.

Every blink of an eye reveals worlds of thoughts and revelations.

I try to hide but my breath betrays me.

The cat behind the bins judges my mind.

I stand between blurry buildings, looking for motion.

This neutral place is working for itself.

The darkness isn’t black, it is vague.

I reach the front door of my house.

After turning on the light I say goodnight.

About the author:

My name is Lisa aka Toki and I am crazy in love with words and every visual or acoustical expression. Most of my time, I draw funny characters and write short stories about little dogs.

Instagram: @toki.suke

Website: tokisukeart.com


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