A List of my Other Problems

“Do you have no other problems?”, a question feminists seem to get asked frequently. Well, I sure do: chihuahuas, cheese, and blue blazers, for example.

Ever criticized a gender-insensitive practice in your environment and got shot with the question, “don’t you have any other problems, girl?” Might as well have said, “if that’s really your only problem, well then congratulations”. It is almost as familiar with me as is the sentence, “You feminists just don’t have enough sex”. What a lame way to end a discussion. But let’s explore this a bit closer.

Well, of course it is never my only problem. Aside from caring about an equal and fair society, I also have a bunch of other stuff on my list of problems. Here are some I’d like to share with you.

I have a problem with beauty being the first thing being noticed about a woman. Beauty as a point of reference, as a basis for judgment. Someone has a new girlfriend - and, is she pretty? Do tell. Ah. Well, at least, blonde is also my type.

I have a problem with the fact that the Women Change Economy Magazine (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Plan W /2015) used a butterfly as a cover photo. Because – why? Because women are such beautiful, fragile and volatile beings? Yes, it is difficult to symbolize femininity on a cover photo, otherwise. Yes, it is almost impossible. Could it be because it does not really exist, “femininity”, at least not in a way that one could symbolize it with only one animal? Which animal would they have used for masculinity? A lion?

I have a problem with shows that are called “Wife Swap”. One cannot “swap” women because one does not own them. In general, I have a problem with TV shows that treat women like little chihuahuas who have to jump through burning rings to entertain the wider public.

I have a problem with the label name: “Du darfst” (translated: “You may”). I don’t need to be told by a pack of cheese that I may eat it. No one has to. And no one should have to think that eating a piece of cake is “a little sin” – sin is, when you murder someone. If you eat him afterwards too, it is a double sin. But, cake? Definitely not.

I have a problem with the assumption that all women who stay at home to take care of their kids do so only because of their lovely character and their obvious female altruism.

I have a problem with people who think that women nowadays can accomplish anything they want because, after all, Angela Merkel is also a woman. Yes, true, she is the chancellor. They call her “Mutti” (translated “Mommy”) or “Angie” and she goes well with dressing always the same (masculine) way and to not expose her female body – because as soon as she does, if she wears a ballgown or swimwear, it is going to be the center of unbearable attention and harsh criticism.

Yes, women can nowadays become presidents, ministers, CEO’s. And we write about them, “Underneath her dark grey woolen jacket she is wearing a bright blue blouse, dark trousers and black leather boots with heels.”

I have a problem with millions of boys growing up believing they’re only “real men” if they had sex with many different girls. That’s not only bad for the boys, but also for the girls.

I have a problem with millions of girls starving themselves to death every year because they try to fit their unique bodies into unrealistic beauty standards. When they are made to express their anger on themselves instead of the things that break them.

I could go on, but let’s leave it here. It’s probably enough to think about for today, as it is.

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