A Look into your Human Toolbox

If you live in a city, you can probably relate to that feeling when a noisy place can seem like too much at times and you just want to escape – escape the noise, the city, the people.

I want to take you today to a place that is in the middle of the city, but it is the quietest place for me. I believe that we can all find a place like that. Maybe it’s at the sea where you have the smell of salty water in your nose or maybe it’s in the mountains where the view and the fresh air is what your calmness needs to be present.

The café I’m sitting in right now is next to a crowded, loud shopping street. It might seem odd, but here all the noise and mass of people are far away.

I ordered an iced cappuccino because the summer finally hit Vienna and we had almost 30 degrees celsius weather in the last few days. The name of the café is “My Secret Garden”, and it is exactly what it sounds like: a secret garden that spreads calmness into every single cell in my body. My cappuccino was served to me with a card, saying:

The world needs

Me and You

In this moment

Not in a near or

Far away future.

- Sri Chinmoy (an Indian spiritual leader)

The world needs you, me, all of us to make this planet more creative, diverse, and livable.

A basic tool I believe that we need in order to make that happen is calmness. We can be loud, be present but we always need to find calmness inside of us to not get crazy about what is going on in the world. The strange thing about calmness is that if we force it to be there, it will never be.

I think it’s also very important to teach children to be calm and that the world around them will spin with all its tempo regardless of how fast or slowly they live their lives. It’s one thing I sometimes struggle with; in a world and city that is full of opportunities and things to do, I want to do everything and then I sometimes forget to take care of my calmness.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be there if we are living a hectic life but most of the time, we forget about one of the most important tools in our human toolbox.

There are various ways to get our calmness back. Maybe it’s a certain place, a certain hobby, or a certain surrounding. It could be all of it together but like so many things in our life, it is so individual. If you can identify your personal calmness tool, make sure to share it with others in order to help them identify theirs. Who knows, maybe you have the same one!

There are a lot of other tools like kindness, which I already wrote about in another article (Recharging our batteries with kindness).

I believe that as soon as we know about all our tools, we can start using them instead of just having them. And as the quote next to my Cappuccino says, the world needs us so we better make use of our toolbox!

About the author:

I’m Kristin, an Ethnology student and creative writer living in the beautiful city Vienna. Most of the time you can find me on my bike catching the little moments in life and also, you’ll always find a stock of peanut butter on my kitchen shelve. Creating and sharing stories is one of my biggest passions!


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