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All The Best

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

When you are sitting by the window and the sun is shining in your face, but you can't manage that your forehead gapes apart. Because you dislike your reflection, how it holds everything together. And you think who it is and if you miss yourself? How come a wheel gets twisted or a headlight blows away? Why is there so much truth in the reference next to you, but your questions are overused because you keep baptizing yourself with them. Just look at yourself! You run downhill because you think you like it. Look how you simply rush into the void like that. How you chase yourself down like that because you don't like yourself. The way you are. A single mishap.

All the best, when you then no longer hear yourself and you arrive where you belong. Where no one turns around anymore, where there's no going back.

All the best when that's all you are.

But, if it’s all finite, then it doesn't matter to say, "I have a choice."

Eye-blinkingly unlikely - I get it.

But even a wimp has a duty before life and if your reflexes turn off the light, then wait until this circuit passes. Because everything passes somehow. The saying is well known:

Never say never and what is not, that can still become - just like your ego and dying.

About the author:

Felodeli was born in Vienna and after traveling and living in other countries like China, Mexico, Italy and Germany she returned back to her roots and family, where she is currently living with her son. She has explored herself through her passion for performing arts such as circus, dance and theatre. During the past period of time, she has visited several schools and workshops in these fields in order to push her skills and mind forward, going beyond of what she imagined to be. On the way, she has captured her journey and vision of life with words, rhymes and short stories. Through abstract and humor, her texts combine sensual nostalgia and philosophical thinking with irrational chaos and the absurdity of life in a moving and delightful way.


Instagram: @toki.suke Website:

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