Back to School. For Now...

Updated: Nov 14

It is true that both students and teachers have suffered through online school for the last three months, but here in Greece, primary to secondary schools are back and we are living a new version of what is going to be our temporary reality.

Even though I’ve noticed that there are a few people who are less than thrilled by the idea of being back in school, I for one love it! Even waking up is easier now that I know that there is a routine which I can follow without forgetting what day, month or even year it is! I have a part of my life back! My friends, extracurriculars; all this motivates me to try harder and cherish whatever this is, for as long as I still can.

Although this is feeling a bit like a honeymoon period and soon I’ll be sick and tired of all the lessons I can’t skip anymore, I’m still super psyched to be back. Most of my friends live far away and so does my sister; seeing them all really makes it way easier than before. Even though I can’t hug any of them and we just end up throwing a tennis ball around, it is heaven compared to the hell quarantine was for me.

Even diets seem to be working better now that we are not constantly tempted by the billions of empty calories lurking in our fridges, the boredom that leads to eating for no reason while ‘participating’ in class online.

I’ve also realized that even writing my book is a more common activity that it was during quarantine. I’ve heard that some writers need to be isolated in order to be inspired, but it turns out that being alone for too long can make you run out of ideas rather than generate them.

The only negatives, if I had to find any, would be time gone to waste, but I have to say that there is such a thing as having too much time and that is something that I had these past three months. In fact, I was so consumed by the fact that I had all the time in the world that I procrastinated, binged on Netflix series and when it was finally time for me to have some work done, I busted my hump to try and finish the pile that laid on my desk.

What I know that I’ll hate is being forced to go back to my confining, isolating apartment. There is something so energizing about having a whole day in front of you, a whole real day, that makes you want to go to school in the morning and interact with people. It kills me that I know how hard it is to go back to being socially dead after I’ve had a taste of what used to be my life.

About the author:

  • My name is Louisa Vichou and I’m a 14 year old aspiring writer who loves painting, pretty much all sports, singing and piano. However, (like all the greats) I have an arch-enemy... maths!


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