Being Open-Minded

Updated: Nov 14

… does not mean that you are giving up on your dreams.

During my studies at university, I learned many things, including the fact that I have only limited control over how my future develops.

All my life, I was focused on achieving my (professional career) goals at any cost. I lived in fictional future scenarios and spent months researching how I could effectively fulfill a specific dream. This led me to reject anything that differs even slightly from my planned path. Each setback hit me hard and left me completely devastated. I was afraid to let go and invest time in other things.

For a long time, I didn't understand what exactly a vocation was compared to a job and that many paths can lead to a goal. This is where open-mindedness comes into play. After unsuccessfully trying to squeeze my vocation into a job profile, I realized that it was the wrong approach for me. Eventually I gave up my uptightness and it was an incredibly relieving feeling. I was able to take other chances that I would have strictly rejected before.

After some time I realized that my openness and, above all, my newfound serenity gave me more energy. The pressure has fallen away from me and now I have more space for other people and myself.

I am still actively working on my goals and it is easier for me to achieve them now. Many opportunities have come into my life through unforeseen situations and have shown me that despite my openness, I don't have to give up on any dream.

About the author

My name is Lisa aka Toki and I am crazy in love with words

and every visual or acoustical expression.

Most of my time, I draw funny characters and write short stories

about little dogs.


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