Breaking the Ice

It all started in silence

Within the purity of silence lies everything we need to know

All we have to do is embrace it

But things change

They always do

We felt the need to explain our silence

Something so delicate

Something so personal

With that, we gave away our power

And so

Once upon a time

Words took over

Words were formed to give meaning

Yet, through words all meaning was lost

The more words we exchanged

The less we really said

Words were made to deceive

To lie, and manipulate

To cover the truths that once laid in silence

You can wear words

They are the perfect disguise

If you know many

You will be given a label with the word smart on it

You can be compassionate, empathetic, caring

And yet not feel a thing

Words are politicians’ deadliest weapons

Words are an illusion

Through them we often trick ourselves

We are led to believe that the less silence a conversation has

The better it went

I believe one comfortable moment in silence

Is a lot more powerful than a bunch of forced and empty words

Perhaps silence is too similar to loneliness

Something we try to avoid feeling

How can the limited spectrum of words

Apply in an infinite spectrum of feeling

Our universe lives in silence

Only in silence can we be one with the universe


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