Dear Society

Dear Society,

It's been a while since my last letter

I guess, I was hoping that by now

things would have changed for the better


Looking at this empty piece of paper

And picking up my pen

Here I am,

I’m writing to you again.

Dear society,

What do you give us?

Apart from anxiety,

What do you teach us about making peace?

How do you help your kids grow and reach?

You embrace individuality

Then judge us for it

On your desk lies a suggestion box

That has never been opened.

You are a paradox, an enigma

A master manipulator

a dictator

and not a leader

You shut the door to the poor

Label by occupation

This is not a system

This is an abomination.

Care to mention

What you are doing about the current situation

Your children are putting an end to their lives

Because you wouldn't accept them

You fed them lies.

The only acceptance that matters

Is from them to themselves

It’s okay not to be okay, it's okay to ask for help

Stop judging by the amount of dusty trophies on a shelf.

Anyways, the most important triumphs go unnoticed

Silent heroes are the ones most focused.

You teach us not to speak out of turn

And not to put our noses in the business of others

Yet for some reason,

You have become an obstacle to two men who want to be fathers

What makes you think you have that kind of authority?

Probably your empty ego that makes you think you have superiority.

Society, we are not your little soldiers

We can't have this weight on our shoulders

The pressure of a world respecting only doctors and lawyers.

Society, you are playing hide and seek

You always find something wrong about me

It makes me sick.

What is it now, society?

The way I walk, talk or breathe?

What did we ever do to you?

What did we ever do wrong?

Because of you the sweet innocent kids we once were

Are now gone.

In this world

Each individual is the mirror of another

They are all judged and compared to each other.

Labeled by a suit, a tie and a damn degree

Like Albert said,

They are judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree

I’ll be me

I know the definition of free, even if I am not living in it

You can't stop me from feeling it.

Society, you will only be happy when you see my eyes pouring

All I know is that living in a world full of mirrors is boring.


  • drawing by sauyce

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