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Updated: Nov 14

Once, I dreamed about someone.

Someone standing in obscurity,

giving me so much curiosity.

Someone who is watching me

with care, respect and affinity.

Someone so calm and keen,

was someone just in my dream.

Someone who is embracing me,

as if we would dive under the sea.

Someone as wise as gloomy

could actually see through me,

could eventually be with me,

could sense our immortality.

The one and only,

ever enduring,

possible person

got my heart as a heritage,

after drowning in this deadly embrace.

Once, I thought I understood

what was my dream about - pure love.

But I just had a glimpse.

It was the love of my life.

The love of my life was hiding in between

red walls, golden roofs and the blue sky.

The love of my life kissed me once

and still owns my breath.

The love of my life touched me once

and still holds my flesh.

The love of my life united with me

and I experienced what it means to feel free.

At some point we even became three.

The love of my life walkes next to me

and I am helpless.

The love of my life was next to me

and I was reckless.

The love of my life left long time ago,

over the ocean fell already so much snow.

The love of my life will never return

and I do know why:

The love of my life died

and I couldn‘t say goodbye.

Once, I had a nightmare.

About someone dying.

Someone as deep as the sea.

Someone who once gave me a key.

Someone I desire to see,

as much as I wish to break free.

And yet, my heart flies with the dragon

through red walls, golden roofs and the blue sky.

While he disappeared in the silence of the night,

dissolving in the whisper of a new light.

My roots are with the child‘s life

and I keep dreaming about someone,

as long as my immortality will be gone.

Once, I woke up.

I was alive.

This was no dream.

This was no lie.

This was life.

Nothing more.

As real as death

and worth every single breath.

About the author:

Felodeli was born in Vienna and after traveling and living in other countries like China, Mexico, Italy and Germany she returned back to her roots and family, where she is currently living with her son. She has explored herself through her passion for performing arts such as circus, dance and theatre. During the past period of time, she has visited several schools and workshops in these fields in order to push her skills and mind forward, going beyond of what she imagined to be. On the way, she has captured her journey and vision of life with words, rhymes and short stories. Through abstract and humor, her texts combine sensual nostalgia and philosophical thinking with irrational chaos and the absurdity of life in a moving and delightful way.


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