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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

You know that feeling when you know you’re definitely in the right place at the right time? I had one of those incredible moments in February this year. After my connecting flight from New York City to Vienna got canceled, I decided to spontaneously stay in the city for a couple of days. A lot of memories came back from the last time I was here three years ago, and I realized that I was now a different person standing in front of the Manhattan skyline. It’s true that nothing will ever stay the same. Our feelings, habits, and views towards the world we live in are constantly changing. I was that girl in the red winter coat who was so happy to fulfill her dream of ice skating in Central Park. She wanted to eat a crazy amount of cookie dough in a newly opened store that gives you scoops of cookie dough as though it were ice cream. Also, I remember that she was not confident and didn’t love and accept herself as much as she should have. Running from A to B to avoid the time she could have by herself to realize what she wants from life would describe that girl perfectly.

We often tend to fill up our time by just “doing something” without feeling real pleasure doing it. In life we always have two options, I could either be really mad at myself for treating myself horribly or I can just hug myself and be thankful for all the things I can learn from her today. We always have two ways of seeing anything in our lives. We can be really mad about the extra bill we need to pay for this month because a company raises its prices, or we can just accept the fact and maybe look for a different company the next time. For me, that is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer, to always have the opportunity to decide how we want to see our life. Unfortunately, society puts pressure on us to be “a certain person” but if we understand that society is not more than a bunch of people deciding how things should be, we can just trust ourselves in making the right decisions based on what we want and think is right. 

For a long time, I wanted to start writing and share some of my thoughts but never had the courage to prioritize it, so I filled my days with things I told myself are more important.

I guess that is the fear of failing in something you put your heart into. It’s time we get out of our comfort zone and understand that fear is just a picture we create in our mind based on different experiences and impressions. Here I am writing this first article that you are reading right now! Just remember, only you are responsible for making changes in your life by loving yourself. We are all living in different bodies and can become the best version of ourselves if we are willing to listen to ourselves deeply. It can be that you are a person that just needs six hours of sleep but a lot of quality time with a person you love and that makes you feel happy. Or it could be that it is for you that piece of chocolate cake still in the fridge with a new Netflix series. And tomorrow it could be a different thing, that’s what makes every life so unique. 

We need to listen to ourselves, which sounds so easy but I feel like we forgot how that even goes. We get so stuck in our daily habits and simply forget that we are the decision-makers in our lives, our stories. If I had rebooked my flight to Vienna instead of staying those extra days in New York City, you would probably have never read this text. I can’t wait to share more with you and hope you make the best out of your day, smile a lot, and love yourself, today and everyday!


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