Towards the Climate Youth Fund - Part II

Updated: Nov 14

[1st part of the explanation of this figure can be found in the previous article "Are we READY for the attack - or still stuck in the climate chatter phase? – Towards the Climate youth Fund, Part I", and the 2nd part follows later in this text, in Scene 2.]



The Abbastanza family loves to play cards.

But Mara and Mino, together with their mother Chiara have a problem:

Paolo, the father just wins many times.

Too much, Mara considers.

We have to break Papa's domination!, says Mino.

We can't change the rules of the game, Chiara thinks,

but we can change the circumstances.

That would be ridiculous!

In these words it becomes clear:

Chiara has a plan!

She knows Paolo, she knows his weak point.

The plan is an olfactory one ...

A seductive scent is coming from the kitchen more and more noticeably.

What smells so fine?

I thought to myself, for a longer card game we need the appropriate food.

What Paolo doesn't notice, Chiara blinks at her children.

Then it's time:

Chiara makes a lukewarm,

deliciously scented,

drenched in its own warm fruit juice

apricot cake on the table.

The family's favourite pastry,

and Papa Paolo is positively addicted to it.

An apricot cake and Paolo's synapses dance.

Mr. Focus loses focus.

Chiara has caught him.

The card game changes all at once.

While Paolo,

greedy for the cake,

keeps wiping the juice of the cake from his lips,

the three others in the game "clean" him off the table.

Chiara grins.

Mino and Mara rejoice.

The apricot cake was the


You are a snake!

Paolo says to his wife

and laughs.


Money is not all.

Everyone knows that.

But those who have enough money at their disposal

get the chance to decide

what can be done with that money.

Money is an enabler.

The world of money is a world of its own.

With its own rules.

Which for many who are not part of this world,

who are not allowed to be part of it,

are not allowed to see.

Transparency is rather something that people like to avoid.

Today, no one who is seriously concerned with money

can avoid looking at so-called sustainable investments.

One has the impression that everything is now in some way sustainable.

The impression is not deceiving.

Greenpeace recently showed in a commissioned study,

that sustainability on the outside is not the same as sustainability on the inside.

In other words: Sustainability investments hardly differ

from conventional investments.

And this in times of a global climate crisis!

You know, Dad, Mara says,

we have to find other types of play.

Even if it's about protecting our climate.

Protecting sounds strange, interjects Mino,

but rather we all have to contribute

to a stabilised climate at a new level,

where we young people can still live in good spirits

and start a family with confidence.

Just like humans do.

That is biology.

Yes, my children, I know that too.

I wasn't born yesterday.

What are you guys getting at?

You see,

Mara begins to explain,

to overcome the climate crisis,

we have to act fast,

and smart.


Fast is difficult,

if we want to take a lot of people

on this journey to a new climate regime,

away from the path that leads directly to the "Hothouse Earth". *

The fastest growing is still scepticism.

And the fear of change.


And that, of course, is also about money.

A lot of money.

If only the governments,

and the international community with the international institutions

or private money holders and investors such as Blackrock

invest in climate protection,

that is not enough.

And not good either!


I guess

we as citizens then hand over all the responsibility.


And if something doesn't work out,

it's simply the politicians' fault,

or the investors.


We have to change the game!

Papa Paolo:

You're hilarious!


You can't swim against the tide!


Not that, Papa.

But we can bake apricot cake.

Now all three are laughing.

In the background also Chiara,

the cake baker.


Mum wanted to change something.

And she succeeded,

by taking into her own hands a means,

her own gift:

Apricot cake!


Look at it, Dad!

There's a 'hole' in climate finance:



Greta, Fridays for Future and others

have in the last few years

kicked the older generation's ass.

Because they know what it's all about.

Because they are committed.

Because it's about their future.

And that of their still unborn children.

Dad, we young people have been forgotten so far,

when it comes to money.

But it is precisely

we young people who need funds in our hands,

where we can then act ourselves,

quickly and efficiently,

without standing in line everywhere

waiting and waiting and waiting.


It' s what CLIMA stands for.

The Climate Youth Fund!

Fast, direct, efficient.

Young entrepreneurial people with cool ideas

for climate innovations that can be applied directly on the ground,

so-called grassroots projects,

can get started.

The financial world and the diverse world of grassroots initiatives,

from which more can emerge,




The Climate Fund seeks out these young people,

gives them the necessary means,

supports them,

accompanies them...


... all the way to success.

To entrepreneurial success


and climate-related success:

That' s what impact is all about!

That makes sense, Dad:

Giving young entrepreneurs the opportunities,

to be successful in the long run.

Logically, the long term also means

continued innovation in climate protection:

with new technologies,

with new services,



And you know, Dad,

the whole thing doesn't take place in secret.


What do you mean?


On the contrary!

Already when the fund is under construction,

those who support its creation with money,

but also those who are interested,

can participate in the process.


More than that!

There are shows,

It's called Twenty5.

Experts and young entrepreneurs look for solutions in this show.

It's not just waffling,

It's about solutions.

And the show is open to the public!


And the so-called design thinking process,

to build the right structure of the fund,

is also transparent.

You can follow it.

You can even shape it interactively.


They call it:






You know,

when you do it like this,

and everything is transparent,

a kind of democratisation of development

and decision-making takes place,

then something changes.

Mama Chiara calls from the background:

Then the smelly cake is on the table!

Aha, that' s it,

says Papa Paolo.



the fund finances the first

25 youth-driven grassroots projects

within a short period of time,

and they succeed,

and more and more people,

young and older are following it,

because they can follow it,

and they can see

how to develop and implement such a climate innovation,

something is happening!

Natural learning.

And because you can get to know the people you invest in,

you even develop a personal bond.


Then that goes around like wildfire.

Cool ideas.

Cool projects.

Cool results.

And I can be part of it!


It's attracting more and more new money,

the fund is growing,

the success stories grow.


And with that, the attention grows.

The attention for transparent and

democratised sustainability investments.


The ice is breaking.

The ice is melting.


Think about the cake, Paolo!


The financial world is not only hearing from third parties

about this new seduction.

It smells its fragrance itself.


And not only that!

You know,

the first juice on the palate is the trigger,

that knocks you out.

Then you want more of it!


The financial world wants it that way too.

If only because that's what their clients want.

That's how the game starts to renew itself,

and at some point it changes more and more.


The Climate Youth Fund is just

a small wheel in the complex machinery of the game.

The 25onehundred people,

who are responsible for the fund

know about it.

No question about it!


Something has to change, hasn't it?

The Climate Youth Fund gives

young people the means

to get started and make it happen.


This young drive,

accompanied by a cross-generational team,

the transparency that goes with it,

the publicity in evaluating and measuring success,

that changes things.


In the heads.

But also in the hearts.

In those who participate.

And more and more also in those

who have money to invest,

into the future.

Paolo is marvelling.


And then says dryly:

Where can I find the CLIMA cake?



The football match drags on.

More cramp than play.

The defensive work – work! – of both teams is outstanding.

There is simply no passing through.

It is frustrating.

The fans in the seats are getting impatient:

Play football now! Pleaaaaaase!

Both teams are running and can't get through the defences.

No matter how hard they try.

Because the game of both teams is too easy to predict.

If you keep playing like this,

always with the same pattern,

you'll always get the same result.

Always the same!

Always the same output.

Not enough!

It is enough!

That's when it happens.

That no longer thought possible is happening.

It comes like a lightning strike without a thunderstorm.

A spectator has long since lost patience:

Stop with these endless cross passes!

The goal is in front!

As if Xherdan had heard those words of complaint,

one of those same old cross-field passes turns into a rebound,

because a defender cuts into the cross,

the rebound becomes an arching ball,

which flies towards Xherdan,

and he,

whether he's overconfident or

has the good presence of mind,

does the unexpected:

he dares something,

something new for this so boring, so controlled game.

He doesn't cross the ball,

but himself.

The whole stadium roars to its feet,

all the spectators stand up.

What a smooth,

and at the same time

explosive movement!

A flash of inspiration.

A bicycle kick.


And the ball fliiiiiies

– unstoppable for the goalie –

into the high left corner,

just under the crossbar.

The stadium shakes.

Control is swept away,

the boredom is shattered.

The game is turned upside down.

A thought,

a gamble,

a stroke of genius,

the game is upside down,

and the world is colourful.

From that moment on, the game fibrillates.

The ice is broken.

Now it's racy.

It flows.

It pulsates.

And the spectators scream with happiness.

All it took was this one moment.

One idea.

Just one scene.

And the game was different.

A real game.

A game that the people on the pitch

as much as those in the seats


and swept them away

into another dimension.


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About the author:

Thom Held (*1963) is a co-founder of 25onehundred and lives in Zurich. He works or worked as a biologist, spatial planner, researcher, photographer, 'political' blogger, book author, publisher, creative entrepreneur, democracy promoter, social impact company co-founder. He loves wine, good wine, and much more.


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