I’m in a loss of gravity

When you left

so did a part of me

As you were lying there beside me

I just hope that you were proud of me.

Now the days are passing rapidly

And I am here kicking rocks

Cause I’m realising

you’re slowly leaving my memory box.

I don't want time to pass

I wish I were in space


oh why can't I remember the features of your face?

No matter how hard I try

It's just never the same

And I’m angry, so angry

I just want someone to blame.

I know you are here

I know it,

So just give me another sign

Maybe then, I’ll be honest when I say that I’m fine.

As the days were passing

and I saw your state decline

I was selfish because I yelled to the skies

That you can't go, that you’re mine.

So please tell me what do do

When everything I see just reminds me of you

When I wake up and feel blue

Cause I didn't tell you enough how much I loved you.


video by erymantheia platanitis

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