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Updated: Nov 14

Finding ourselves in a permanent rush for accumulation beyond limits, with a perpetual desire to focus on one main goal and to ignore what else is to be found on a journey, to close our eyes to our surroundings and to observe through personal, not open for modification lenses, we might just found ourselves in a loop without escape.

This is not to claim that focus and concentration on something specific is negative, or that it does not bring fulfilment, for the feeling of total dedication is one of the most ecstatic meanings a human life can reach. My aim would rather be to address the details, which one encounters in a world defined by perpetual movement and fluidity, where situations can be created from the simplest action and where every encounter can be a lesson with maybe more impact than a book of science. Saying yes to new experiences, which might take one completely out of the comfort zone, being open to conversations with stranger and approaching people without forming an opinion in advance, buying tickets for an unknown location and just embarking by yourself are not acts of impulsive characters, unfocused and without stability in everyday life, but are manifests of escapism which offer an even higher fulfilment, then the one brought by monetary income.

Often I have heard adjectives such as „naïve“, „credulous“, „irrational“, with a natural confidence and kindness I present when coming in contact with the unknown, being either a stranger, or a wild road in the mountains. But somehow it acts as a reflex, my belief that every being and every possible adventure deserves a chance, deserves the respect to be heard and lived to the maximum. At the same time, most people would say I am a social butterfly and that I like to connect easily, to have a lot of „friendships“. This fact is what comes as the strangest to me, for I have always considered myself shy and closed, always being afraid not to disturb and to pass the private sphere of others. Appearing as exactly the opposite is again, an impression caused by the love for life and for information, for hearing stories and learning about every background.

A relationship for me is more than just commitment and history, it is an exchange of memories, of psychologies, of behaviour, each one still learning from the other by mirroring and observing, even after passing the years of childhood. And an acquaintance has never been just a brief meeting with somebody you might never meet again and all that is left is just the name and a blurred face. Brief encounters are maybe the strongest, most intense bounds two can have, after meeting in a museum and asking for language guidance, ending up spending one whole day together from their lives and after years and years being able to come back with the mind to that one special day they had with a soul, with a mind located at thousand miles away and about who’s future they will never be able to have a clue.

In a mass of humans, I will never hesitate to be open to connect again, I will never close myself in a circle of friends and not be willing to constantly share cultural, religious, ethnic backgrounds with a new individual. In an endless river of information, I will always have two or three fields for which I would dedicate most of my hours and around which the collected knowledge will orbit, but I will never be blind to new spheres and I would never say no to the chance to start fresh, from tabula rasa more than one time, for one life may seem a road just not long enough, but if exuberant lived, one life can be a map on thousand roads gathered in stories maybe insignificant for public eye, but everything and eternal for the collector.

About the author:

With a passion for culture, psyche, exploring the world, and coming in contact with an infinite number of stories, I studied theatre, film and media, in sociology, along with writing at the University of Vienna. I tend to find beauty in every single element, while always attempting to fully live every experience, to archive it in the form of photography and written word. Not one day goes by for me without a journalistic discovery, an interview recorded or articles structured. If I would have to set a goal for the future, it would be to find an equilibrium between constant academic research and my engagement in international opportunities. My desired engagement is on a multidisciplinary level, in a never-ending journey while also trying to discover the fluidity of the self, complementing the world around me with the goal of having a small impact in pressing global issues.


Instagram: @toki.suke Website: tokisukeart.com

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