Is it a Recurring Transition?

Waiting for you, oh springtime

There is something about you

That gets me through the dark days

You promise that there will be lush greenery again

The wildlife will return out of their dens and lairs

That one bird whistles to the sun’s first radiance

It is all about breathing a sigh of relief

To transit again

Through time and thoughts

Review everything that happened during your lifetime

One of the spring’s children

Is transformation in its perfection

You have no choice

But you are forced to change

Your warm air sends bittersweet kisses

And you start to get it

That next year

A lot of the wildlife won’t return

And the lush greenery won’t be lush

And someday the sun’s radiance

Won’t be soft

About the author:

My name is Lisa aka Toki and I am crazy in love with

words and every visual or acoustical expression.

Most of my time, I draw funny characters

and write short stories about little dogs.

Instagram: @toki.suke



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