Unsteady footsteps, I take

the jungle of uncertainty I face,

As I keep on walking

My only hope, a pseudesthesia

of my destination approaching.

After a long journey,

that started to feel lonely

my legs now unstable

Unable to hold me.

I sat on a rock

I didn't give up

But I waited,

My mind felt faded

I resisted the desire to reach and to follow

To be answered to,

To be enlightened by,

to listen to the hollow.

To the hollow words that had once deeply pained me,

that had become the thoughts that constantly drained me

Overwhelmed by myself I started singing

Realising the day I was born, was not the same day that I had started living.

As I sat on that rock

I slowly looked around me

Astounded by the sights

The scenery that found me.

For my mind had fooled me

Had placed blinkers on my eyes

But now that I could see,

I could finally rise.

Approached by the three fates

And their echoing words

They made me wonder about my choices.

Were their whispers their own?

Or did I give them their voices

Were their faces blurred out?

Did I paint them?

Were they the roads I walked upon,

Or the footsteps I had taken?

Had I ever wrongfully accused them?

And so lost a battle

Accused them so I could get out of something I couldn't handle.

Did they choose me for a reason,

or did I choose them?

I spent this whole time searching,

But did I ever lose them?

To this day,

I still haven't found my answer,

or perhaps

to this day,

the answer still hasn't found me.



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