Muted Silence

Green lands painted in black and white

No stars appearing during the nights

Silence is muted, while gunshots rise

People reading with empty minds

Chilling history repeating itself

While unqualified leaders, lead us to hell

Our planet abused, toxic tears of sadness

Rebellion no longer bravery, but a sign of madness

I can't take it, it's my home

Everywhere I look, people absorbed by a phone

Everywhere I turn another family is torn down, another house, another country burned another lesson to learn

Everywhere I turn there is screaming

but I keep on dreaming

Of the day that peace will barge in

and keep me believing

The day that everyone will stand

Hand in hand

And we’ll all be one

The day that nobody will have to run

Nobody will hide

One day we will all rise to support our rights

As hard as it gets we’ll fight

and hold tight

Till that morning comes when the day shines bright

Till we see the light we’ve been trying to find

Till nightmares are dreams

And dreams are reality

Till the storm leaves

And we all live happily.


  • drawing by pigwire

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