Old Sweaters

“Not looking for romantic love. Just the love that feels like an old sweater. Warm and present for years and years.” – Cynthia

I thought that

Losing a lover

Was an extreme sort of pain

It reaches in and changes who you are

That there’s no worse a pain

Than to bond flesh, heart and soul

Fuse and become One New Thing

Then have it forcefully ripped apart

Raw and bleeding on the floor

Having to recover from not being

The One New Thing

Skin stitched and mended

No longer the Old You

Altered and gasping for air

I thought that was true anguish

The one all those old people waxed about


I had forgotten about those who

Are there to stitch me up

Mould me anew and keep me warm

I forgot about those I treasure

Like old warm familiar sweaters

I forgot about Friends

See, friends have the kind of love

That can get you through anything

Convince you to climb mountains

And give flight to your Icarus dreams

They are always with you

Like an old warm sweater

See, since the old warm sweater

Is always there with you

You don’t know to imagine the day

It’s baggy and hugging form would not be

Unlike lovers

There’s never any

Alarm bells preparing you

For some future impact

For the day that your friend will leave you

The warm sweater

Should stay


Always. Right? Right?

But one day

Your arms will get too long

Your frame too big

You’ll run-

Clumsy! Now you’ve torn it

Then all at once

Without warning

It’s gone

And you won’t know

When or how to start grieving

You won’t be sure how it happened

You’ll watch it like a bad accident

As it catches on an exposed nail

And rips completely away from you

And one day

You’ll remember it’s comfort

It’s steadiness

It’s nearness

Then you’ll miss an old sweater

You'll miss a dear friend

About the author:

I am a person of the world with a window that allows me many lives. Music and good food are why I'm still here. Apples are my arch enemy.


Instagram: @toki.suke

Website: tokisukeart.com

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