Perfection in Individuality

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

All around the world, people strive for happiness and beauty in life, unfortunately, many tie it with perfection which can leave them hopeless and miserable if they don’t achieve their goals. Even the slightest mistake may ruin the book for the author although the others may not even notice it.

Why are we so obsessed with being perfect?

Although few admit it, it is wonderful to have others envy you and social media is the perfect way to paint the perfect picture of your life for others to see. Other people's opinions matter to everyone, it’s impossible to go through your life without caring what people think which is why we all go to such measures to have the perfect Facebook account, impressive pictures on Instagram, gorgeous-looking relationships, houses similar to the ones shown in the magazines laying on a tea table cleaner than hotel rooms. In fact, it is simply not enough to have a job that pays the bills – it must be some incredible workplace closer to a catwalk than a place to actually concentrate on the most important stuff, your work! Anyways, it is the complexion, body shape, fitness, healthy lifestyle, and last but not least your education and inner character that should be better than the average.

Girls are ashamed of themselves, not because they are overweight but because they haven’t reached the ‘standard’. But what standard could we actually talk of if we keep in mind that each of us is an individual?

As far as history goes, there was always pressure when it came to perfection, whether that was status or skills-related, this goes on until today. Parents and teachers pressure children to get perfect grades and teenage girls starve themselves to have a flawless image. But isn’t it time to change?

Social media, and many other sources pass onto us so many lies that raise our standards and expectations. What really makes all this so terrible is that everyone is trying to reach something that doesn’t exist.

That is because perfection is a person's opinion, and each individual has their own opinion!

Each life is a painting and we are the artists. If we focus on the little smudge in the corner of the canvas we are never going to get to realize how beautiful each painting is. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m glad that each painting has its own flaws. Perfection doesn’t make something beautiful, and anything short of perfection doesn’t suck! On the contrary, it is exactly those little imperfections, those little things that make something a little rough around the edges that make something so beautiful.

Even though nothing will ever be perfect, I have the satisfaction of saying that I'm glad that there are no limits to the beauty of life and no such thing as perfection to confine us.


  • drawings by fruzsolino

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