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Recharging our Batteries with Kindness

Why does it seem like we are sometimes caught up in battle when there is so much love and kindness that the world has to offer, and especially when we can offer so much to the world too?

When experiencing negative situations in life, it feels like the negativity takes over, but what if we are the ones who let it take over?

A few days ago, something really strange happened: My life never takes the easy path, I always take the extra mile or need to change up the directions a few times. But this time, it was so obvious that sometimes, the extra mile and wrong turns are exactly what is needed.

It was a warm, late afternoon and I decided to get some plants for my new home in Vienna. I was impressed by all the beautiful and shiny green plants that the shop had, but fell in love with one specific big green one that was just as beautiful as life itself!

So, I bought that beautiful plant, paid for it, and left the shop to take the train back home. Since I moved to a new district, I wasn’t so sure which train to take but as I got on, I was sure that it was the right one. Of course, I was wrong.

It took me 10 train stops and 20 minutes to understand that I was going out of the city, not towards the city center. Me and my plant shared a double seat and got off at the next station. Stranded in a suburban district of Vienna with a dead phone and no clue if I was still in the city, I just had one option: to ask people where I am and how to get back towards the city center.

Since it was already evening, there was barely anyone out on the street. The station that should’ve taken me back into town was not reachable directly and located on the other side of the road. There was no overpass, so getting to the other side seemed like a mystery fit for Sherlock Holmes; the solution is easy once you actually figure it out!

And then it happened. After walking for 30 minutes with no real clue about how to reach the station, I met two lovely women: a mother and a daughter. The mother couldn’t speak German, but the daughter could and was translating for us. They did not just tell me which way I need to go, they took the time and walked with me to make sure I’d find the station as soon as possible.

I felt their kindness in every cell of my body. I believe that those are the moments that fill us up with energy and humanity. When such acts of kindness (no matter where or how) appear, they just load us up like a phone battery that is fully charged again.

As I was back on the train, and this time in the right direction, my plant seemed to catch people’s attention. The plant is really unique in a way I can’t even put into words. I normally tend to spend time on my phone while I’m going from A to B on trains, but I couldn’t this time. After two stations, a man entered the train and was staring at my plant and complimenting its uniqueness.

We talked the whole train ride about the power that plants can bring us, how they show life in its purest form and are beautiful in their own way. Plants need to be taken care of, they need to grow on their own, but can survive with the help of others. That’s something we should keep in mind when thinking not just about plants, but also about ourselves.

Plants have bad days or months where they don’t show their beauty but if taken care of in the right way, they always come back in an even brighter way.

Let’s keep that in mind when we are faced with battles or even if not, and never forget about the kindness that we can receive when talking to strangers or taking care of plants. Of course, there are many more ways!


  • drawings by pigwire

#kindness #strangers #life #stories

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