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Updated: Nov 14

And I think and dream, reel and stack all that is mine onto you at this bare togetherness. I have already laid out my heart and buried it deep in the sand, dragged it off and hounded it to death. I have crushed it, mashed it and made a toxic goo out of it, until a mush forces its way through my veins, forces its way deep into the plexus of my body, penetrates me and forces me to live on, even though I sink into this bog as if I were a child.

That's when life ruled over me and decided that a new stage would begin. And I had to learn that everything turns, cradles and nestles, bends and quivers and constantly something new arises, in this process where everything passes, where everything rises from everything. Life exhausts itself and yet draws from itself. Exhausted and rebuilt.

Listen to the broken soul, how it loves and surrenders to life. Before the moon she sings her song and gasps when she sees her wounds.

About the author:

Felodeli was born in Vienna and after traveling and living in other countries like China, Mexico, Italy and Germany she returned back to her roots and family, where she is currently living with her son. She has explored herself through her passion for performing arts such as circus, dance and theatre. During the past period of time, she has visited several schools and workshops in these fields in order to push her skills and mind forward, going beyond of what she imagined to be. On the way, she has captured her journey and vision of life with words, rhymes and short stories. Through abstract and humor, her texts combine sensual nostalgia and philosophical thinking with irrational chaos and the absurdity of life in a moving and delightful way.



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