Sadness Is Like a Bad Girlfriend

Updated: Nov 14

sadness is like

a bad girlfriend

she comes over whenever she pleases

usually at night, when it’s dark and lonely

creeps under the covers with me, tries to play with my feet

distracts me from the book I’m reading, she wants all of my attention

so when I turn to give it to her she stamps a big kiss

on my eyelids

I don’t really know how to get her out of my house

she is so loud, really wants me to give in

I would call the police but there is no so-called emotion-police

so I have to let her stay, tonight again

I’ll let her feed off my body, let her kiss and suck whatever she pleases

let her touch me while I cry and give in,

because what can I do? I am hers

way more than she is mine

she dominates me with cruelty and no love

wants to leave me bleeding on the bed sheets

I let her

hoping in the morning she’ll be gone

and will have moved on to someone else.

(sadness is like a bad girlfriend)

About the author:

I am a lesbian intersectional feminist who loves to read books and write thoughts down; I mostly travel around in search of new adventures and cultures to learn from!


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