Senseless Flowers

Updated: Nov 14

Why are we here? In this world flooded with suffering, trembling with hostility and at the same time touchingly invigorating? Why is man the only one who does nothing for nothing? And why does he find meaning in the meaningless and what is meaning or important?

Is it, or does it, or is it created by doing? Perhaps it is the creative act itself. The forming, the shaping, the working and happening - just the doing and the being, rather than fame and a fancy home.

For that would already be the shaping of a conceit, the shaping of an image of a meaning without content and empty matter becomes brute force. So there are people who erase rather than form, they demolish and can even erase life.

Why is the human being the only one who creates for the sake of creating? Who destroys everything for nothing and even passionately creates suffering? Why is senselessness and not logic the reality that interweaves with cruelty? Why is this person without humanity, a deformed efficacy? And how is it that all this happens while I am watering my flowers?

About the author:

Felodeli was born in Vienna and after traveling and living in other countries like China, Mexico, Italy and Germany she returned back to her roots and family, where she is currently living with her son. She has explored herself through her passion for performing arts such as circus, dance and theatre. During the past period of time, she has visited several schools and workshops in these fields in order to push her skills and mind forward, going beyond of what she imagined to be. On the way, she has captured her journey and vision of life with words, rhymes and short stories. Through abstract and humor, her texts combine sensual nostalgia and philosophical thinking with irrational chaos and the absurdity of life in a moving and delightful way.




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