Since the day you met me

You called me dangerous

“storms don’t name themselves”

I said once to you

But do storms even know they’re storms?

Your heart has been issuing this storm warning to you for days but the transceivers that operate your mind-to-heart connections have been frayed.

By the time the unknown, unnamed storm hits…

It will be too late.

Do storms ever feel remorse for their victims?

And if they do,

Do they ever wish to be tranquil?

To be unmade the parts of them that make them Destructive



To have their characteristics broken apart

To have never been a storm at all.

To never have been at all.

Why do you love danger—I mean me?

Do you enjoy the thrill of whirlwind romances that leave you misplaced

Out of place in your heart.

Only happy when I can conduct the joyous

Adrenaline charged screams that come from your throat.

Only happy when I take everything you have

So you’ll only have me.

You should only ever need danger.

You like fun, right?

You’ll love it when my affection

Translates to aggression

Because you can’t be the idea

I’ve carved you to be in my mind.

I’ll snap all your mighty oaks

Erode all your cherished roads

And break all the hearts you once called home

You don’t need them my love

You just need a bit of excitement in your life

I’ll take you for a tornado fun spin

Introduce you to all my tempests

And tell God all about you.

Time’s running out my love.

Listen to your own warnings

Your heart issues it softly now

Because I’m just a few clouds on a sunny day

But don’t you know…

The most violent



Loving storms all start

On sunny days.

About the author:

I am a person of the world with a window that allows me many lives. Music and good food are why I'm still here. Apples are my arch enemy.


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