The Importance of Standing Up for Ourselves

With this article, I want to empower you to stand up for yourself in any life circumstance. I know that sometimes it takes power and strength, but we all have that inside of us.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a change in our thinking as a society took place- going to a nightclub was showing me that there is still so much we need to have a closer look at.

While enjoying the music, the dancing and to be surrounded by people who felt like dancing their souls out- something happened that I’d like to share with you to empower you, me, and everyone else to stand up for ourselves, everywhere, every day.

The music was loud, people were dancing close to each other and body contact with strangers was inevitable. It was so crowded that you could oversee if someone touches you in an inappropriate way. While dancing and screaming to some ‘90’s tunes, a person touched me and my two friends in a way and in a place that was outside of our boundaries. While one got mad and screamed in the guy’s face, the other one was just shocked. So was I. We decided to walk away, and I swore to myself if that happens again, I will STUP.

And yes, you guessed right, it happened a second time. Calling the security and using my power to tell the guy that this is not okay- never. For anyone. Explaining the situation to the Security that this guy should not be allowed in the club again- and will never touch women in that way again without thinking back at that situation. As he stood in front of me, I became big and couldn’t just accept the fact that this person went over my personal boundaries.

And that’s something I learned. If we don’t know our personal boundaries, we don’t know when to stand up. But with everything we experience in our life, we come closer to our personal understanding of what’s okay and what not.

Each time a woman stands up for herself without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”- Maya Angelou

Talking to friends there, there was almost no one who hadn’t experienced being touched in a way that was inappropriate for them. How can it be- that in our world this is still happening, every day, everywhere? The thing that shocked me most was the reaction from others. Shaking hands and hearing congratulations honestly shocked me a bit. I was just standing up for my values- so should everyone for theirs. Of course, it depends on the situation but what is more important than you?

Hearing and listening to Maya Angelou’s story, a woman who grew up in the ‘60’s in a country that was built up again, she claims that anger is our essential tool. We paint it, we dance it, we write it, we talk it and should never stop doing that. Using that tool to stand up for us should be normal, especially for womxn.

There’s a project and a movie called “Woman” and I hope everyone can watch it at least once in their lives. It’s inspiring, deep, and honest. It gives 2000 women in fifty different countries a voice and shows all the injustice that womxn struggle with. The main point is to show the power womxn have. Even though injustice is happening, every womxn can find the courage to stand up to leave the world in a better place than before.

Keep STUP in your mind, so that the next time anger comes up, you have the courage to stand up. For you. For me. For the world.

About the author:

I’m Kristin, an Ethnology student and creative writer living in the beautiful city Vienna. Most of the time you can find me on my bike catching the little moments in life and also, you’ll always find a stock of peanut butter on my kitchen shelve. Creating and sharing stories is one of my biggest passions!




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