The Beauty and Pain of Saying Goodbye

There is this incredible feeling when you lead a rather nomadic lifestyle, a feeling that can’t be compared to any other… It’s the feeling of constantly being limited by time. And although time functions the same way for each and every one, the way we perceive it is different. This feeling reaches its peak when you realize that home is not just one place, surrounded by the comfort of family, but rather something fluid that’s not restricted to a specific location.

One of the inevitable lessons I have been able to learn by the age of 23 while hopping between countries and cultures is to treasure the originality of every individual and the impact they have on you mentally and emotionally.

When worlds collide in cities like Athens, Naples andVienna, ethnicity and religion are lost. Once we briefly meet at the start of the night, we must say goodbye again in tears in the morning - after hours of dancing in the dark, among the mass of bodies, appearing to be just moving limbs in the neon reflections of the club. As the sun rises, you exchange contacts and promise to cross paths again, although you know the paths do not care for your will and fate can be cruel, only to show you remorse after. And this goes on and on, day and night, in a perpetual joggling of hellos and goodbyes.

At one point, an encounter becomes more than brief and spontaneous, more than a rapid but memorable play between energies - it starts to construct shared memories, the meeting of eyes being more than an act of curiosity, now with a small history and with understanding behind it. This is what feels so intense and fulfilling while being together, and why it hurts the most at the end of it all, when bidding adieu.

As a person who is more individualistic- a lone wolf, as some may try to define - I know better than to get attached to someone emotionally.The wandering around taught me to love my alone time and just appreciate what we have now - the act of being together while the sand slowly, but surely pours away in the hourglass. But sometimes it happens that somebody shatters that inner stability and that strong belief, bringing up disruptive questions and an almost reinterpretation of your usual lifestyle. And still, in the end, we grow apart again, but what we had, what we will forever have, will not be hurt by time and distance. This is the beauty and pain of saying goodbyes, until we meet again…

About the author:

With a passion for culture, psyche, exploring the world, and coming in contact with an infinite number of stories, I studied theatre, film and media, in sociology, along with writing at the University of Vienna. I tend to find beauty in every single element, while always attempting to fully live every experience, to archive it in the form of photography and written word. Not one day goes by for me without a journalistic discovery, an interview recorded or articles structured. If I would have to set a goal for the future, it would be to find an equilibrium between constant academic research and my engagement in international opportunities. My desired engagement is on a multidisciplinary level, in a never-ending journey while also trying to discover the fluidity of the self, complementing the world around me with the goal of having a small impact in pressing global issues.


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