The Importance of Keeping a Diary

Updated: Nov 14

We all have secrets. Things we can’t and don’t want to talk to anyone about, or similarly, burdens and mistakes that we’d rather not admit to but want to reflect upon. Either way, you can’t imagine how important and helpful it is to keep a diary.

Even though diaries and journals have a somewhat unfair reputation, I can’t for the life of me see why. They are written reminders that we have lived! It may sound stupid but with the things that life keeps catapulting our way it isn’t such a bad idea to go back and visit your thoughts, either to rediscover who you are or to admire how much you have changed.

Many people start diaries and end up forgetting or being too bored to pick up a pen and just reflect when, instead, you can rot on your bed until you fall asleep while watching Netflix on your laptop. I for one have only managed to complete two diaries (even though I have great stories from January to about July) and I’ve always wondered what in the world I used to do during autumn. However, as hard as it may be, keeping a diary (especially during lockdown) could help keep you sane and is something that you will be grateful for in the future. It may seem that every day is the same by now but your feelings most certainly aren’t. Besides, you don’t have to just write about what you did that day, you can reminisce or make plans for the future.

The thing about diaries is that there is a whole blank page for you to fill with anything! You can rant, write your stream of consciousness and more than anything, a diary is always there when you have to get something off your chest. Don’t you have something, anything, that you really want to say or talk about but you are too ashamed to speak out about? Do you have any hopes or dreams that would sound ridiculous to others but, knowing yourself, you know that they can be achieved but you'd rather not be brought down by the people around you? Everyone does! But, in order to really build a healthy relationship with yourself you have to be able to communicate in-depth, internally. I believe that on paper is always the best way to do it.

Some people have tried keeping a diary and complain that it hasn’t been very effective, and that may be the case at times. Not only has it helped me get my life in order, but also reading over what I’ve written has helped me make realizations about what I want and what I should do to get it! In this day and age, no one can even walk out of the door without being judged. Disapproval and envy can range from the way you dress, to the people you hang out with and even to the way you think! And however important it is for everyone to say their piece, it is equally important to know when to write it down in your diary instead.

I understand that keeping a diary is a great commitment and even if you start, there’s a big chance that you’ll end up forgetting about it entirely. Even if there is a small possibility that you can collect your thoughts and create the opportunity for your future self to look back on your years I believe that it’s something worth committing to.


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