The Present behind Christmas

On this special day, I want to invite you to follow me on a journey to discover the secret that lays behind Christmas.

Today, in some parts of the world there may be a landscape covered with snow, a shining Christmas tree, and the smell of an oven fire. In other parts, you see palm trees and the smell of salty water in the air.

In a stormy time where we see a lot of darkness, the present behind Christmas shines its way through it. Rooms and places are filled with the magic of togetherness. We may find ourselves far away from home but the present behind Christmas follows us wherever we might be. The present is hidden in big things and the smallest gestures.

Can you guess what the present behind Christmas is?

It can be hidden in children’s laughter and colorful presents. We discover it every year and find out that it is the most important thing for the entire world. It doesn’t matter at all where or with whom we spend this wonderful time in December together, everyone receives it in small or big ways.

And I ask you again:

Can you guess what the present behind Christmas is?

Christmas is Love and Love is always there.

Love can be experienced on different levels. Like a tree that you put in some parts of the world like a Christmas tree in the living room. Imagine Love in the form of a tree. A tree needs strong roots to grow later in its enormous ways. Like that it is with love- in the roots we find love in the form of self-love. With self-love as the base for all other kinds of love, it can grow on the tree branches. Self-love appears in a lot of different colours. Self-love could be an act of “saying no” to other people while you say “yes” to yourself and your needs. It could also be taking the time to work out or write instead of meeting friends when you feel like that is what your inner voice is telling you to do.

On the branches, you find the love that grew from your roots to people and things around you.

On one branch there is the love for friends. It can become visible in memories, laughter, and having a good time together. On another branch, there is love towards your family. It appears also with time spent together. One could be filled with the love for your pet and one with your favorite hobby. With every year we add a few branches so that our love for things and people becomes deeper and stronger.

It’s important to note that the tree can grow from year to year if we nourish it in the right way. A tree needs water, sunlight, and most importantly, time to grow- have you ever seen a tree growing in one year?

The tree rings are standing for everything we have experienced in our life so far. With every year, we gain new understandings and strengthen our tree, so that we can fill it with even more love on growing branches.

Christmas time is the time of giving and receiving. Giving away presents, your time and your true self is the gift that you can find in the form of love. When we give, we automatically receive.

Let’s share the present of love and let it guide us through darkness. Celebrate it in all possible ways and take it with you to the following year. Have your tree of love in your heart and let it be your safe ship and your shiniest star.

Merry Christmas everyone!

About the Author:

I’m Kristin, an Ethnology student and creative writer living in the beautiful city Vienna. Most of the time you can find me on my bike catching the little moments in life and also, you’ll always find a stock of peanut butter on my kitchen shelve. Creating and sharing stories is one of my biggest passions!


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