Then Leave!

Updated: Nov 14

Then just leave, go! What more can I say, huh? Should I maybe beg you to stay with me? Should I beg you and beg like a dog? What do you expect me to do? Cry?! Should I cry? Why? For what? So that you can show pity? Or are you looking for confirmation of being needed? I don't need you. I’ve needed you, but I don't need you anymore.

When you're gone, you're gone. And once you've left, I can't need you anymore. Maybe I'll cry out for you. I'll probably curse at you. I'll probably go insane and my hatred will pierce your body like a knife and my flaming stubbornness will burn all the tears and should I leak, I won't cry, I'll boil.

It could be that I have to laugh to endure it. Yes, essentially I think it's funny that you're leaving! It amuses me. Isn't it funny? What a goodbye. Did you catch that? Goodbye. That means get lost. `Leave damn it! Get the fuck out of here! If you can't take it anymore, just leave, go! Please, I'm begging you. I'm begging you like a fucking dog! Just...

...let go.

Disappear like the smoke of a cigarette. .

No doors, no windows, no walls, no roof. Under the colorless sky, in the windless flight, two black beings meet and are still incomplete. In the tall grass, time-delayed elements appear, but the white vacuum dazzles like a bright light, and a creature of darkness is soon dull and exhausted. The moments are delayed, one still, the other decomposing. But the silent wind understands what the universe seems to understand too well: he leaves and goes into the void.

About the author:

Felodeli was born in Vienna and after traveling and living in other countries like China, Mexico, Italy and Germany she returned back to her roots and family, where she is currently living with her son. She has explored herself through her passion for performing arts such as circus, dance and theatre. During the past period of time, she has visited several schools and workshops in these fields in order to push her skills and mind forward, going beyond of what she imagined to be. On the way, she has captured her journey and vision of life with words, rhymes and short stories. Through abstract and humor, her texts combine sensual nostalgia and philosophical thinking with irrational chaos and the absurdity of life in a moving and delightful way.


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