Updated: Nov 14

Crazy times, don’t you think? I am desperate to find clarity, stability, trust, and love in life. At the same time, who knows what tomorrow’s going to be like.

Having the power to create the life you want to live is something I always believed in, but was quite afraid of at the same time. What if it really turns out to be as good, as awesome and as great as we could create our lives to look like? I am sure I could not deal with all the love and excitement, positive vibes, freedom and creativity inside me. Funny enough, whenever my life comes close to a point like that, my brain looks for a troublemaking thing and things immediately turn worse. Not that this is something nice to feel, but I think it is something I or maybe you as well feel comfortable somehow "safe" with, since something “happened to you”. You have the chance to blame something or someone instead of taking responsibility. This way, we could easily stage ourselves as victims. And now, more than ever, we feel like victims. But why not make our lives as easy and powerful as we know it can be? We can create our life! Our daily issues don’t disappear, but can for sure find a new direction if we establish a strong and powerful, active perspective. What if I tell you that I feel lonely even though I am surrounded by great people? It is because my inner needs of growth, wisdom and freedom aren't fulfilled. I know I am incredibly blessed in life. I always felt like that, yet still look for something else; trust in myself and my life, love for me and others.

Lately I figured out that there is a strong need of belonging inside me. How do I fulfill this longing? My stability in life? I guess there is no answer to that. But what I really want to say, is that it’s all okay. It is okay to be unsatisfied, upset, in need of something, and not able to get rid of days you simply question why the hell you have to go through with something?! This is all part of our beautiful lifeline and an amazing chance to reflect and empower ourselves through honest thoughts, and time in silence and peace. And eventually you will get to a point where you feel unlimited in your being – to create impossible things and ensure they happen. Just because you can. This way, let’s manifest 2021 to be our year of breakthrough! Make a huge mind map with all the things you want to be, experience and attract in 2021. Make a collage with great clippings from magazines, newspapers or whatever you find and create your dream world to allow you to get closer and closer to what you want your life to look like.

Be creative, be love, be yourself and share your greatness and empower others to live the most fulfilled life in challenging times!


  • drawings by pigwire

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