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Updated: Nov 14

What kind of fears do you have?

The fact that our life isn't eternal becomes known to us from a very young and innocent age. Yet, I find myself fearing the moment I will cease to exist, for I know I will never get enough of life. I will never stop craving the smiles of the people I love, the warmth of their presence and the fire of my dreams.

Do you stop yourself from taking action because you are afraid of making mistakes and/or dealing with the consequences?

More often than not, I do the exact opposite. I am a rather impulsive character and I act with passion, failing to foresee potential backlashes of my actions. In the past, whenever I had held back due to fear of failing or making a mistake, it never did me any good. It is a very normal instinct to hold back at the inkling of potential "danger", but as with many of our other primitive instincts, I believe this one we should fight against.

What is better, to have tried and failed, or to never have tried at all?

Try and fail, and try and fail again, until you get it right. You will never ever have the result you so badly want, until you go for it. There is no greater chance to fail at something than not trying at all. That is what I tell myself whenever I feel indecisive. I have come to the conclusion that it is best to regret something you have done and learn from it, than to continue your life thinking what could have been. I truly believe mistakes are our greatest teachers in life.

What negative inner beliefs dominate your life?

I am truly happy that I had to squeeze my mind to think of negative inner beliefs, and while there probably are more than the one I thought of, here it is: I crave perfection. Even though I consciously believe that our imperfections make us unique and extraordinary, I often find Chloé demanding from herself to be perfect.

... and if you let these negative beliefs go, what would happen?

If I would let go of my need to achieve perfection at everything, I would probably love myself more, while leading a happier and potentially more successful life. I think craving perfection is a very common mistake that brings up unnecessary obstacles on our journey.

What positive inner beliefs dominate your life?

Love. I believe that love is the beginning and end of everything. Every instinct, every fear, every emotion and energy. We are birthed with love and grow in ways that either come from a place of love or the absence of it. It's what defines our course in life. Our world would be a completely different place if we all grew up receiving the same amount of love and affection. Love has the power to shift our reality and open our eyes to the most absolute truth. We are one.

What thoughts inspire you?

I tend to get inspired by the simplest things in life. A bird singing on a shiny day, a flower blooming, an old person or a child smiling at me, but most of all my family. I believe there lies great power in family bonds. Of course, family can sometimes hurt you more than anything else, and even though that is truly cruel, it once more proves for me how much power this connection holds.

What would you like to change in the world?

This question could be answered with a very long list of changes. But to change the world one has to change themselves first. And that is exactly how the world will change. The belief that we must collectively change the world together has been misinterpreted. The real meaning behind this, is we must collectively act in the way we would like to see our world change. So, maybe, the next time you act on small things in your everyday life, hold this thought in your pocket as a charm and let it guide you in becoming the real change.

... and what action do you take towards making these changes??

I have always treated this world and all life within it, as I would like to be treated. From a very young age, I have fought against any discriminations, I have stood up for people and I do my best to be my truest self. In a society that wants us to be anything but ourselves, our strongest asset is to be real. Life is a circle and everyone is a part of that circle, so I show up everyday as I am, with respect and love.

What is your biggest dream?

To use my voice to inspire people through the magic of music. Since I was a little child, I was always looking for an audience to perform to, even if it meant singing to my dog, until she changed rooms to stop listening. While I always had lovely people around me supporting my dream, there have been setbacks along the way. There were moments when I lost sight of that dream and tried to forget about it. But today it is clearer than ever to me. I was born to sing and I won't stop chasing this dream. Even if it takes thousands of tries, and a lot of persistence, I know that one day this dream will come true.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for life. It sounds very generic and simple, but as long as we are alive we have the chance to become anyone we hope to be and do anything we ever wanted. So, if you are to take anything from my thoughts today, take this: YOU are the protagonist of your story and no matter how scary it might seem - to live a life full of possibilities - you can do everything you ever dreamed of.

XOXO Chloé


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