Transcriptions of a Dear Friend

These words are extracted from a conversation I had with my friend about their future. All words are theirs. Is it a reflection? A dream? Hope(-lessness)? We will never know, but we can try to understand.

“Don’t ask me where this is coming from, but I always knew that I won’t spend the time between thirty and forty here. Sure, I could get a full-time job now and buy an apartment, but, the money... I could settle for good at a desk, and then what? As you know, I am a musician, I have always felt that I am music, and I know that my future lies within music, so, anywhere outside of this home, anywhere, anywhere on this earth...

I have to laugh at the question: where do you see yourself in ten years? Because it doesn’t fit in this world anymore. Instead, you should ask: where do you see yourself in two, or, maximum, three years? At the moment, I have only one goal in life, and it is connected to music and I will work for it until I get there, eventually. When will I come back? Maybe I will never come back, you know, I don’t want to define that. I don’t want to promise anything to anyone, including myself. We need bravery to say, listen, I go. I go, because time is the thing I will be sad about one day. Not just to be open for new things, but to follow them actively because only that will move us forward.

Where I will be in one, two or even three years, hopefully closer to my goal, but, sure enough, I am not going to say now what that goal is because I do not want to read this promise somewhere written down. I know I stand only in the beginning, you know, everything is only about to start now.”

About the author:

Ella is a feminist. She’s also really into anarchist children’s books and studied political science.


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