Trigger warning: suicide, self-harm

I wish for my body to explode into a pile of flowers

That way, my existence will be that of a flower

And I don’t have to go on pretending like everything will be ok as a human or

“I can do this!” “It gets better!” “You have to believe!” How tiring…

My life will be beautiful and short

No need for suicide

Just need my owner to not water me 2 days in a row and I can finally rest

From garden, to vase to…

“Aw no my roses wilted.”

It sounds so much better than “She killed herself last night.”

“Her body was found in her room hours after an overdose”

“I can’t believe she would do that, she looked so happy”

Just, “my roses died,” a two second sadness after two days of forgetting

Then it’s over.

About the author:

I am a person of the world with a window that allows me many lives. Music and good food are why I'm still here. Apples are my arch enemy.

Credits: Instagram: @toki.suke Website: tokisukeart.com

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