Where I’m From

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I am from the smell of spices mixing in the kitchen



coriander, everyday

What’s for dinner today?!

I am from the land of the rising sun

Warm cashiers and people running after me with the wallet I just dropped

Biking amongst the green and concrete through fits of happiness sadness rage

Why is Mamma visiting the doctor so much?!

I am from endless rolling hills and the Mediterranean Sea

The smell of tea and cigarette smoke and couscous filling the night markets

Prayer calls never going unnoticed at any time of day

Can you really eat snails?!

I am from shy beginnings to confident college years

The pride of being a brown feminist

The guilt of ever being envious of my white classmates

So it’s f i n a l l y fashionable to have darker skin?!

I am from perpetual friendships and never-ending conversation

Eating napping studying living together

Creating a home 6,000 miles away

Should we go skydiving next month?!

I am from my parents’ worldly knowledge, unattainable anywhere else

Always look at the bigger picture

Kindness and selflessness command respect

Family first

How is it possible to love so deeply?!


  • drawing by steve johnson

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