March 8th, is not the only day that women march together

Eternally we’ve been fighting, with our fists held up high

For our daughters, for our mothers

For our rightful driven rights

In a world that insists learning is key

Tell me how it can be

That Girls all around are still denied education

Mistreated and degraded in their chosen profession

Our bodies represent power

They go through hard, yet beautiful changes

We are sailors, we are soldiers

We are passionate faces

We stand for every victim, every witness of violence

One day, oh, one day we will break the silence

For every woman working tirelessly and yet paid less

To provide for her family, always doing her best

To every victim of harassment that is too afraid to talk

Or the victims that spoke up and weren't taken seriously

Yet still live their lives proudly and fearlessly

Last, but most importantly

We are marching for equality, and not superiority

Conquering our rights should be a priority

And shall not be constantly rejected

Our voices will be echoing, until we are all respected.


  • drawing by NEONCURRY

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